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Next song

2013-08-23 00:27:27 by invosodude

It's in production, don't know if it will be done soon, lets hope so

Edited song

2013-06-02 15:46:34 by invosodude

Improved the song today's the day, Check it out


2013-05-26 19:11:06 by invosodude

check out my new song: Todays the Day


2013-03-10 20:55:09 by invosodude

just posted a new song called planetarium, Check it out

More songs

2013-02-18 21:09:02 by invosodude

Well i posted a new song "hello techno" which is my 3rd song this year, and I've already got a good start on another song, and I like how it's coming out so far

Best newgrounds songs 2012

2013-01-13 10:41:39 by invosodude

My best songs this year
1) Techno City
2) Epico
3) Hero's Return

Most favorites or 2012 (in no particular order)
TjpjMusic: Prophecy
TastyTeo: Rock Party Anthem Remix
JatTMusicUK: B-Bit Fantasy
Water flame: King Poseidon

And if you want to see my first song of 2013 here it is: The Path

Special Thanks to


2013-01-06 17:46:06 by invosodude

Finally I'm gunna post another song on newgrounds, it will be a remix but of what (mystery)

music classes

2012-11-26 22:00:34 by invosodude

Believe it or not i never took any classes at writing music electronicly, or got help from anyone for that matter, up to this point i have just been teaching myself and slowly improving. but starting next week i have a class that teaches about garageband, fl studio and other software and stuff music related, so i may improve even more with that.


2012-11-20 23:23:57 by invosodude

working on me next song, not sure when il finish

Hall of Fame

2012-11-02 22:27:34 by invosodude

My favorite song ever: Hall of Fame - The Script